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A Career in the Construction Industry

The construction industry offers a wide variety of job roles, including project manager, engineer, director and architect. These are mainly skilled roles in specialist areas dealing with every aspect of the construction process from design to implementation. Construction jobs are varied and challenging and there are several ways to gain entry to a career in […]

Military Personnel Transitioning to Civilian Jobs

The unemployment rate for military personnel and veterans is significantly higher than those who have not served in the military. The high military/veteran unemployment rate is surprising due to the fact that those that serve in the military hold so many valuable skills through their intense training and are accustomed to the strict rules giving […]

Working as a Social Worker

Social Work is a very flexible and wide-reaching profession. Although undergraduate social work programs generally offer an umbrella “social work” degree, graduate programs offer students the opportunity have specific foci. My grad school offered MSW degrees with concentrations in physical and mental health, child and family services, and church and community practice.