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5 Things to Know Before Taking a Job in Tech Support

Over the past decade, more and more people have become dependent on tech devices. As these devices become more advanced, the amount of functionality continues to increase. At the same time, this also creates a larger need for people that can provide tech support. Those that are employed in the tech support industry can have […]

5 Great Paying Jobs for MBA Grads

For those who decide to pursue a master’s degree in business administration, the educational investment is both personally and financially rewarding. With advanced training in all areas of business management, MBA grads are qualified for many more jobs than those with only bachelor’s degrees.

Choose the best college for you

Choosing which college to attend is always a tricky and sometimes unpleasant experience for us. Not only are we dealing with the prospect of leaving our friends and school and familiar people behind, but the realisation of leaving the house you grew up in, the parents who looked after you, the pets who comforted you […]

5 Ways to COMMAND Power and Confidence as a Young Professional Woman

Work ethics and the ability to do the job should be the only factors that come into play when judging an employee. But we are all human, and both appearances and communications skills play a big part in how we view people.

5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Career Right Out Of College

Graduation season is still a couple of months away. Most senior students are still busy putting the finishing touches in their academic papers or completing the final requirements for their respective discipline. For most graduating students, nothing is more important than complying with all their academic obligations in order to get their degrees.

Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

From balancing bank accounts to buying airline tickets, the internet has dramatically changed the  way we do many things. Add looking for work to the list. We are now at the point where several job seekers would prefer to conduct their search online. It’s easy to see why when considering that you can fill out […]

Infographic: Top Medical Jobs

So, you want to work in the growing medical field? Good choice! There is a lot of demand for people in those careers. One problem, you say? You don’t like the sight of blood (or other bodily fluids)? Well that’s okay: just as the world needs more doctors and nurses, so we also need the […]

How to Make Your Work Environment OSHA Friendly

Safe Working Conditions Employers in the United States are required to maintain health and safety regulations created by specialized governmental agencies. Employers affected by these regulations include factories, offices, medical facilities, schools, retail establishments and others. The primary governmental agency that recommends, enforces and inspects work environments is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration within […]

How you can use NLP to choose your perfect career?

Our attitudes towards work and career have changed over the past couple of decades. Security and a high salary are becoming less important as we search for job satisfaction. We spend so many years of our lives at work, why should we wait until retirement to start enjoying ourselves? However finding the perfect career can […]

How To Reward Your Employees And Increase Motivation

Establishing rewards and increasing motivation have become a mounting business need. Businesses that slack in satisfying the need are prone to losing valuable employees or to creating unfavorable working environments. Mounting competition affords talented employees options, so companies who wish to retain their talent must have an incentive program that offers adequate rewards and that […]