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Lowest-Paying Careers with the Most Education

I’m a big advocate of a good education. A good education, however, does not mean you will automatically make more money. Here is a list of the lowest-paying careers that typically have the highest education

Get Hired Today! 5 Easy-to-Implement Tips for the Post-Grad

Graduating can be an exciting time in life. It can also be a very stressful time as you attempt to look for employment. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by following these easy-to-implement tips; if you keep these in mind, they will be sure to help you snag the job you are looking for.

Best and Worst Paid Careers in the United States

Looking for a new career? Although ideally you want a job you can get excited about, it’s hard to get too excited when you can’t pay the bills. The following job salary information shows the highest and lowest paid careers in the United States (from both an hourly and annual perspective).

Careers Requiring the Most and Least Amount of Training

We want to help you find a career about which you can get excited. Some careers take more preparation than others. The career training information below shows the occupations with the highest and lowest levels of education in the United States.

Largest and Smallest Careers in the United States

Some careers are in more demand than others. Below you will find valuable employment information about some of the largest and smallest careers in the United States. (Numbers from the employment info below are represented in the thousands.)

Considering a new career? Let us help

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a career- whether you are choosing what direction to take in your life or choosing to change directions. Trust me- I’ve changed directions several times in my life.