Infographic: Top Medical Jobs

So, you want to work in the growing medical field? Good choice! There is a lot of demand for people in those careers. One problem, you say? You don’t like the sight of blood (or other bodily fluids)? Well that’s okay: just as the world needs more doctors and nurses, so we also need the people who can support them.

Here are some promising careers in the medical field with limited amounts of gore.


Do any of these sound like something you’d be interested in? Well here’s what these jobs (and a couple others like them) make:

  • Medical equipment repairers (makes $22.60 per hour or $47,010 a year)- because sometimes even the best technologies break.
  • Medical appliance technicians (makes $18.12 per hour or $37,680 a year) help patients with repairs or adjustments to their mechanical limbs, prosthetics and other medical appliances.
  • Medical coding and billing (makes $17.72 per hour or $36,850 a year) because they help the doctors pay the bills.
  • Health IT (makes $17.27 per hour or $35,920 a year) helps manage medical records and other information on computer networks. This is becoming more and more important as medical practices become more digital.
  • Medical transcriptionists (makes $16.37 per hour or $34,050 a year) have been around for a long time but are still important for any medical practice.
  • Medical office management (makes $15.59 per hour or $32,430 a year) because someone has to keep the office up and running.
  • Medical equipment preparers (makes $14.99 per hour or $31,180 a year) for helping sterilize, sanitize and maintain the medical equipment used in a medical practice.
  • Medical assistant (makes $14.51 per hour or $30,170 a year) although they might encounter a little blood now and then.