How to Make Your Work Environment OSHA Friendly

Safe Working Conditions
Employers in the United States are required to maintain health and safety regulations created by specialized governmental agencies. Employers affected by these regulations include factories, offices, medical facilities, schools, retail establishments and others. The primary governmental agency that recommends, enforces and inspects work environments is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration within the United States Department of Labor. OSHA works closely with employers to provide routine health and safety training, materials, audits and emergency preparedness to workers.


Helpful Governmental Agency
OSHA was established in the early 1970s to provide education and training to employees and employers to assist in preventing injuries in various workplaces. Because of the regulations created by OSHA, employers must provide safe working conditions that prevent accidents and illnesses. Employees must be notified about dangerous chemicals, health risks and equipment dangers in their work environment. In addition, employees must be trained in ways to avoid injuries and illnesses at work.

Preventing Employer Financial Losses
It is imperative that employers cooperate with OSHA regulations and representatives. This governmental agency was created to help employers keep employees safe. While keeping workers safe employers are also preventing a financial loss. Injured employees reduce profits while costing employers money for disability, rehabilitation and medical bills. OSHA provides free training materials to employers that teach about avoiding accidents at work, disaster prevention, first aid procedures and other information.

Importance of Friendly Cooperation
OSHA makes it easy to follow their guidelines by having written standards and codes. Codes and standards cover the topics of chemicals, equipment, tools, fire exits, noise pollution, air quality and others. The regulations created by OSHA are the same for all employers. OSHA develops these standards based on information from industrial safety experts. This takes the burden of creating safety regulations away from employers. Employers should view OSHA as a friend of their company instead of an enemy.

Important Employee Assistance
Workers have a right to contact OSHA to report dangers at their workplace. To make reporting to this governmental agency easier there are local offices throughout the United States. In addition, OSHA has toll-free phone numbers for workers that offer confidentially reporting of dangers and accidents. Employees can also learn vital information from an extensive website managed by OSHA. This includes a wide range of educational material concerning dangers from equipment, fumes, mold, chemicals, contagious diseases and other topics. OSHA strives to remain current concerning natural disasters and other situations that affect workers.

This guest article is by Lyndsi Decker, a freelance writer that is promoting an extendible conveyor for businesses. When not blogging about business she enjoys traveling and exploring the outdoors.