Get Hired Today! 5 Easy-to-Implement Tips for the Post-Grad

Graduating can be an exciting time in life. It can also be a very stressful time as you attempt to look for employment. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by following these easy-to-implement tips; if you keep these in mind, they will be sure to help you snag the job you are looking for.

Target Companies

You should target companies that you are interested in working for even if they are not hiring. Send a resume with the request that they keep it on file for future positions. There is a possibility that they could keep your resume on file and call you when they are looking to fill open positions. It also helps to call them and follow up because then they will be more likely to remember your name in the stack of resumes. Why not try it out?

Update Your Resume

Do some extensive research on tips for writing a resume or get help from a professional. Doing this will help your resume stand out and thus and catch the attention of employers. You should revise your resume as soon as you graduate to reflect your current educational status. Too many graduates begin applying for jobs without updating their resume to reflect they have graduated and received their degree; this can make all the difference in getting hired or staying unemployed.

Scrub Your Social Media Pages

You might think that the inquiry into your life stops at your resume, but it doesn’t. Savvy employers will dig until they can find your social media sites and get a glimpse of the real you. Scrub your social media page to make sure it is appropriate for any employers who may visit your pages. You should remove any inappropriate or risque pictures from your page.

Network, Network, Network

Joining local professional clubs or attending chamber of commerce events is a good way to network with individuals who may be hiring in or outside of your field. Some professional organisations recognise the plight of the recent graduate and offer reduced or free membership to them. Take cards from attendees to make the connections you need.

Be Flexible

It’s important to be flexible when looking for a job. You may not find the perfect job, but you may be able to find the job that can help get your foot in the door. You should be open to taking a job that may not be the one you envisioned if it is with a company that you are interested in. It’s much easier to move up within the ranks when you are already on the payroll.

You can find the job that is right for you, but you have to get ahead of the bunch. Make your profile stand out from other graduates. Update your resume, target the companies you want, scrub your social media pages,  network and be flexible. Before long you’ll get the job you are looking for.


 This article was written by Rose McKellen