5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Career Right Out Of College

Graduation season is still a couple of months away. Most senior students are still busy putting the finishing touches in their academic papers or completing the final requirements for their respective discipline. For most graduating students, nothing is more important than complying with all their academic obligations in order to get their degrees.

However, students should also remember that now is also the right time to think about how to start their lives after graduation. Actually, they should start building their careers as early as their senior year in high school to get a leverage in their chosen industry. Starting early could help them get their dream job right after college.

In a book that focuses on personal branding titled Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future by Dan Schawbel, it was mentioned that students must make their move early on in life so that they can be assured of a career right after school. The book also showed the results of a recent study that delved into the steps made by students after they graduate. Based on the results, most students do not exert enough efforts to jumpstart their career as soon as they get their degree. That is why Schawbel provided five tips to help fresh graduates get their dream jobs.

Tip #1: Broaden network using LinkedIn
Almost everyone is into social networking these days. Popular sites like Facebook and Twitter have been connecting people from all walks of life. That is why it would be a wise move to join a more professional networking site like LinkedIn. Companies are starting to check the profile of each potential employees in LinkedIn nowadays. So students should start building their professional profiles as early as senior high school and add all job backgrounds that are applicable.

Tip #2: Be visible online using WordPress or other blogs
The survey conducted in the book mentioned that there is only one out of nine student respondents answered that they are active on WordPress. Young people should start the habit of blogging to have a good online reputation. Blogging is as easy as the typical essay writing. Just choose topics that could brush on professional topics related to the targeted industry.

Tip #3: Start internship early
Though the respondents of the survey believe that internships are important, only 40% of them managed to join in one. Schawbel said that it would be good to start early in joining an internship program to expose the students in the corporate world early on. He also said that it would be better if students will apply for internship in companies with a good brand recognition.

Tip #4: Coordinate with the campus career services office
Obviously, this should be the first move that a graduating student should do to start a career in the real world. Yet according to the book, only 29% of the students surveyed actually coordinate with the office. Everyone should try to avail the services offered by this campus unit so that they can help connect you to an alumnus who could assist you in your chosen field.

Tip #5: Be a part of a professional development or specific industry group
The book mentioned that there are only 22% in the group of students surveyed that belonged to a professional development or specific industry group. Schawbel suggested that students should join these organizations to be able to have a bigger connection in the industry that they want to venture into later on.

Guest post: Sheena Bern is a graduate school student taking up Communication Studies. She currently spends time blogging and writing articles in between her classes and volunteers in a community library during her free time.