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Passionate about your career?

Are you the kind of person who keeps talking about work, even when you're hanging out with friends? Do you continue to work even when you are dreaming? Are you surprised that people actually pay you to do your job? We love people like this and enjoy reading their stories- won't you share your passion with us and help others land a job in your field?

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People like their employees to be passionate about their career. Tell us about your passion and let us help you land an even better job.

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Everyone loves working with someone who loves their job. JobLand.us loves to promote businesses and companies with employees who are passionate about their careers. This is why, when you tell us what you love about your job, we are happy to help you promote your business. Let us help you land more business (or even land an even better job).

How can I contribute?

  • Find the career that most closely matches your job by visiting our careers page
  • Fill-out the brief interview on the page, telling us what you love about your career and what it took to land your job. Can't find the form, contact us.

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