Training Requirements for Marketing Managers

Marketing managers need a bachelor's degree and 5 years or more experience.

Degrees for Marketing managers
Less than High School 0.9
High School 7.8
Some College 15.3
Associates Degree 6.6
Bachelors Degree 50.8
Masters Degree 16.9
Doctorate or Professional Degree 1.7

Employment Outlook for Marketing Managers

This represents about 194,000 people in the United States.

Over the next 10 years there will be aproximately 18,000 more marketing managers but, because of expected growth and replacement needs in the United States, we will need 64,000 more.

Typical Income for Marketing Managers

Hourly Income

On average,marketing managers make $69.30 per hour.

Bottom 10% Bottom 25% Median Top 75% Top 90%
Marketing managers $32.45 $44.81 $63.07 $85.91 $high
Management occupations $22.76 $32.99 $48.46 $70.72 $high
Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers $28.10 $39.82 $57.89 $81.30 $high
Marketing and sales managers $28.50 $40.52 $59.10 $82.88 $high
National Average $9.27 $11.60 $17.81 $28.92 $45.45

Annual Salaries

On average, marketing managers make $144,140 per year.

Bottom 10% Bottom 25% Median Top 75% Top 90%
Marketing managers $67,490 $93,200 $131,180 $178,690 $high
Management occupations $47,330 $68,630 $100,790 $147,090 $high
Advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers $58,450 $82,820 $120,420 $169,110 $high
Marketing and sales managers $59,280 $84,270 $122,930 $172,390 $high
National Average $19,290 $24,140 $37,040 $60,150 $94,540

This data is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics

Marketing Managers: What Is This Career Like?

Search engine optimization helps companies to improve their ranking on the search engines so that when people search for their products or services, it is their website which comes out on top. There are several aspects to SEO:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Developing a network through social media

Search engine optimization helps companies to select the terms and phrases which their potential audience are searching for and then tailor the website in a way which makes it easy for Google to see its relevance. It also helps to build the number of links pointing to the website to boost the website's authority.

Personal skills:
Some knowledge of the technical aspects of web design are required, although technical details are becoming less important as Google now gives more weight to website content and inbound links. Therefore the ability to write good content quickly is very beneficial. As link building is so important, then the ability to develop relationships with other people and bloggers, particularly through social media, is vital.

As marketing manager, my job is to strategize and oversee search marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and various PR initiatives. Over the past several years, MainMerch has had several new competitors appear, causing us to reinvigorate our online marketing efforts.

I really love my job for a few reasons. Coming out of a large agency, I was very excited about the idea of working in a small start-up. While these websites have been around for several years, the intensity and opportunity have recently grown, making the work atmosphere feel much more like a do-or-die startup situation. We rent out a small office in a shared office building, so we are surrounded by other entrepreneurs running businesses of similar size. Our office building, located in Brooklyn, New York, was formerly a factory that made tobacco pipes, and is located about a hundred feet from the East River.

Working in a small entrepreneurship is great because the work feels more rewarding. With fewer employees, each person's efforts are much more crucial to the outcome of the business, and it is easier to see the direct effect of your own work. Without a large office population and a corporate structure, we are able to have much more flexibility with things like what time we begin work or when we work from home. I am very excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to a successful 2012!

My job consists of representing and promoting on the internet around ten websites. My clients work in a wide range of niches, from removals and travel to foster care and PR. The thing I like most about my job is, paradoxically, also the thing I like the least - the intellectual challenge that my job presents on a daily basis. I think that for someone to get something out of a job, it has to challenge them to a reasonable degree. Mine certainly does that, which is good, but the downside of that is that doing my job successfully for every client is really hard. But then I suppose each job presents its own difficulties and enjoyments.

With regard to my daily tasks, they can vary from publicising a piece of content on some forums, to doing some email outreach to some bloggers, to writing a blog post on SEO for my company blog. Like all jobs, there is some repetition, but there is generally enough to keep me interested.

I think this is the best way to describe my current position as a campaign manager at an internet marketing agency, doing search engine optimization.

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