Infographic: Top Medical Jobs

So, you want to work in the growing medical field? Good choice! There is a lot of demand for people in those careers. One problem, you say? You don’t like the sight of blood (or other bodily fluids)? Well that’s okay: just as the world needs more doctors and nurses, so we also need the people who can support them.

Here are some promising careers in the medical field with limited amounts of gore.


How to Make Your Work Environment OSHA Friendly

Safe Working Conditions
Employers in the United States are required to maintain health and safety regulations created by specialized governmental agencies. Employers affected by these regulations include factories, offices, medical facilities, schools, retail establishments and others. The primary governmental agency that recommends, enforces and inspects work environments is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration within the United States Department of Labor. OSHA works closely with employers to provide routine health and safety training, materials, audits and emergency preparedness to workers.


How you can use NLP to choose your perfect career?

Our attitudes towards work and career have changed over the past couple of decades. Security and a high salary are becoming less important as we search for job satisfaction. We spend so many years of our lives at work, why should we wait until retirement to start enjoying ourselves?

However finding the perfect career can be really hard. There are so many different elements that make up the perfect job that it can be difficult to know for sure what we are actually looking for. Changing career path can be risky so you need to be 100% sure that you are making the right decision before you embark. This can force us into inaction, as we spend so long thinking about the changes that we need to make. NLP can offer you the support and skills to work out what you really want to do, and how you are going to get it. (more…)

How To Reward Your Employees And Increase Motivation

Establishing rewards and increasing motivation have become a mounting business need. Businesses that slack in satisfying the need are prone to losing valuable employees or to creating unfavorable working environments. Mounting competition affords talented employees options, so companies who wish to retain their talent must have an incentive program that offers adequate rewards and that impels enthusiasm. (more…)

A Career in the Construction Industry

The construction industry offers a wide variety of job roles, including project manager, engineer, director and architect. These are mainly skilled roles in specialist areas dealing with every aspect of the construction process from design to implementation. Construction jobs are varied and challenging and there are several ways to gain entry to a career in the construction sector. (more…)

Military Personnel Transitioning to Civilian Jobs

The unemployment rate for military personnel and veterans is significantly higher than those who have
not served in the military. The high military/veteran unemployment rate is surprising due to the fact
that those that serve in the military hold so many valuable skills through their intense training and are
accustomed to the strict rules giving them a lot of initiative and discipline. (more…)

Working as a Social Worker

Social Work is a very flexible and wide-reaching profession. Although undergraduate social work programs generally offer an umbrella “social work” degree, graduate programs offer students the opportunity have specific foci. My grad school offered MSW degrees with concentrations in physical and mental health, child and family services, and church and community practice. (more…)

Considering a new career? Let us help

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a career- whether you are choosing what direction to take in your life or choosing to change directions. Trust me- I’ve changed directions several times in my life. (more…)