Military Personnel Transitioning to Civilian Jobs

The unemployment rate for military personnel and veterans is significantly higher than those who have
not served in the military. The high military/veteran unemployment rate is surprising due to the fact
that those that serve in the military hold so many valuable skills through their intense training and are
accustomed to the strict rules giving them a lot of initiative and discipline.

Military Education and Skills

Military veterans and personnel go through intense training. They are equipped with tons of self-
defense and combat training while they also hold special skills depending on which field they pursue in
the military. The military also provides GI Bills to give them personnel college education allowing them
to gain more knowledge in their desired fields. With their further education and expertise in certain
fields and industries, this allows them to be some of the highest qualifying employees in the nation.

Spc. Rambo Rapu installs internet cable in the server room

Common Jobs for Those Who Have Served in the Military

The military has internal jobs that relate to almost every civilian industry. Many serve as doctors and
nurses in the military due to the high accident and mortality rate in combat areas. The military also
has needs for those such as human resources personnel, IT Techs, network engineers, accountants,
engineers, construction workers, and lawyers. If you have any experience in special fields within the
military, you should be a good candidate for the same occupations in the private sector as well. Many
that serve in the field or infantry in the military pursue civilian jobs in law enforcement and security as
well and hold a high hiring priority over those without military training.

Resources for Military Civilians Transitioning to Civilian Jobs

Because those that serve in the military dedicate their lives and freedom to the government and our
country, the government has several programs to help assist its military members find jobs. There are
programs such as “Feds Hire Vets” that allows military civilians to find Federal Government Jobs and
the “Get Skills to Work” government program that helps veterans find jobs that are relevant to the
skills that they have required. There are also many companies that hire retired military personnel for
private contracts overseas that pay great amounts of money. For a listing of government jobs that have
hiring priority for military personnel, visit


This article was written by Paul Sawyer who writes about career and job search advice for those retiring from
military services.