A Career in the Construction Industry

The construction industry offers a wide variety of job roles, including project manager, engineer, director and architect. These are mainly skilled roles in specialist areas dealing with every aspect of the construction process from design to implementation. Construction jobs are varied and challenging and there are several ways to gain entry to a career in the construction sector.


One of the advantages of a career in construction is getting out of the office into the fresh air: even the most desk-based jobs can have some time on site. Also, working in the construction industry opens doors to working abroad so it can be an ideal job for those looking to travel, with the security of a paid job.

It is a sector where strong communication skills are vital: you will be working as part of a team to get things done on time and to budget. Enjoying contact with other people and a cooperative personality will be important.

Construction careers are flexible as the wide range of transferable skills that you pick up in the industry can also be used in other jobs should you decide to change profession. It also offers opportunities to start at the bottom and work your way up, perhaps from manual labor to project manager.

Working in construction is varied and you could be working on projects such as road building and town planning or building hospitals and schools. This exposes you to different industries and gives you a wide experience of the needs of different sectors of society.

A job in construction is so much more than just building: the needs of society are an important element. The construction industry has a responsibility to examine the needs of people living in a town to discover where new facilities should be built, and how.

The environmental impact of construction is a hot topic at the moment, and jobs are being created analyzing the effects of building on the environment. This is a great industry to get into if environmental changes interest you.

A job in the construction industry offers the ultimate satisfaction: research has proved that working in a role where there is an end product makes us happier in our jobs. What could be better than seeing a finished building being used to live and work in?


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